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Mrs. Franziska Mittag


Satellite remote sensing

Satellite photograph management

With the most modern cutting-edge technology, satellites deliver high-precision, cost-effective data on the surface of the Earth and the atmosphere. TRIGIS works together with numerous satellite operators and is thus able to provide its customers with the required data from widely different systems.

Visual interpretation

We evaluate image flights or satellite data according to your requirements and acquire the object geometry and attributes in the GIS or CAD.

Evaluation of high-resolution aerial and satellite photographs with regard to

  • Infrastructure (such as roads, power lines or canals)
  • Land use (settlement, traffic and agrarian areas)
  • Natural objects (vegetation, water surfaces, etc.)


In order to highlight planning-relevant units and areas in project regions, for example to categorize these for land use, TRIGIS offers automatic identification of photographic features (digital classification).


  • Analysis of spectral characteristics for the interpretation of vegetation conditions, e.g. for forest types
  • Wood volume and damage
  • Analysis according to geometrical properties, e.g. for the classification of land use and settlement areas
  • Handover of the results in digital vector or grid format
  • Implementation in the geoinformation system (GIS) or as print medium
Michael Mares

Your contact person
in the area Satellite photograph management

Michael Mares

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